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100% Cotton Flannel Reusable Tampon Review

For those of you interested in reusable cloth menstrual products, have you ever thought about using cloth tampons? No? Neither did I for a long while. In fact, I didn't even know there were such things as cloth tampons. Cloth pads, cloth diapers, sure, but not cloth tampons. Even after hearing about reusable tampons, the thought for some reason was not appealing to me at first. I used cloth pads, but was not sure if I would be comfortable using cloth tampons. I researched for a while, finding very little information. So, I did what I do best...I decided to explore uncharted (or at least not very well charted) territory. I wanted to give them a try to see what I thought about them and then to review these options for others who are considering it, but cannot find much information about them. 

In order to do this, I knew I needed to try a variety of reusable tampons by a variety of sellers and companies. I tried four different reusable tampon products, all made by different sellers. This post will focus on the 100% cotton flannel cloth tampons (pictured down below or the third tampon in the above picture). These were purchased via ebay from the seller: pineinthemountains. I am not affiliated with this seller and I did not receive these products as a gift, although the seller did give me a discount for me in exchange for writing a post about it. 

This seller makes cloth tampons that fold in on themselves to adjust to how soft or firm they are for your insertion and comfort needs. This was a unique design, which is why I purchased these. However, before I could actually use them, I found out I was pregnant! This did not stop me from comparing them to the other cloth tampons that I had tried, though. Therefore, the following will be my review, which I will update, as soon as I am able to use them.

These particular reusable tampons are relatively easy to fold in on themselves, once you get the hang of it, although I wish they had come with instructions to do so. That didn't stop me though...I just winged it and figured out a technique that worked for me. You can also find a video on YouTube by honouryourflow with instructions that I wish I had seen when I first got these!

I like that these can be made firmer or softer, depending on my needs, depending on how I fold these upon themselves. I'm sure this will make insertion a breeze. Unlike other reusable cloth tampons that you roll up and stuff up your vagina (unless you use a plastic applicator obtained from a disposable store bought tampon), these have got to be easier to insert for sure, because you don't have to worry about keeping the rolled up cloth together while you insert it. It maintains it's shape on its own, which should also aid in insertion. 

I like how this seller's tampons pull out (when the material is not folded into itself) for easy cleaning. This is a huge consideration when choosing which cloth reusable tampon to purchase and use, alone with what material the tampon is made out of. Being 100% cotton is important when considering a reusable cloth tampon option. Any tampon (store bought or otherwise) does have a chance of causing toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Yes, even today!!! Why? From the research I have done, it has to do with the level of absorption. So, the more absorbent of a material that a reusable tampon is made up of, the higher risk of TSS. The same goes for the size of tampon you use. The larger the size, for heavier flows, the more of a risk it is. Cotton has less chance of causing TSS perhaps due to this fact (while bamboo would increase the risk) along with the material's fibers (you don't want fibers coming off in your vagina leading to infection or fibers that hold on to your woman stuff and can't get clean easily also leading to possible infection),  etc. I am by no means and expert on this subject, so please do your own research on the subject. 

The picture above, is the 100% flannel cotton cloth tampon that I am reviewing (purchased from pineinthemountains on ebay: 

The top picture is of the tampon extended for easy cleaning and adjustability for when you fold it in on itself. The other two tampons in the picture are ones that have been folded in on themselves to be as firm as I chose to make them. Insertion would probably be easy if they are firm as I could literally just use one finger to push it up into place, unlike many other cloth reusable options. 

How do you use these on the go, though? Simple! You can choose to purchase a reusable tampon wet bag, such as the one pictured below, which I purchased from moocowmomma on etsy, and comes with 5 cloth tampon wraps (you wrap your cloth tampons in these and place them into the wet bag). I added the "Bloody Hell" with fabric paint, because I thought it would be funny. I will be doing a review on this travel wet bag soon.

Cleaning and drying would also be a breeze with this particular cloth tampon, as the thin fabric allows you to get the whole thing clean and sanitized, and allows good air flow to ensure that your tampons dry fully. I believe that most cloth tampon sellers recommend that you hand wash your tampons and hang up to dry. Ask whatever seller you purchase yours from what washing method they recommend. Regardless of what I choose to wash mine with, I always allow them to soak overnight in a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide to rid mine of any stains. Then I hang dry mine on the mini clothes line that I made myself using Popsicle sticks and glue gun purchased at the dollar store (woohoo to saving money!).This is pictured below. Be sure to keep your mini clothes line in a dry area with plenty of air flow to ensure they dry completely and without mold/mildew issues. Ex: I don't recommend keeping it in a bathroom that does not have a fan installed.

Overall, I cannot wait to actually be able to use this particular product, because I have high hopes for it. Cloth reusable tampons are certainly not for everyone, and many prefer one of the other many reusable options that are available, but for those of us who at times may find a diva or keeper cup uncomfortable (or just don't want to deal with it), want more options available to them, or may need a different solution to cloth pads while out of the house, this just may be an option to consider. I'm glad I have these on hand for when I may need them. With any cloth reusable option (including cloth diapers), trying a variety of options is probably best, to find what works best for you and your needs.


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